The values, that we care about and that shape #vasGalvamet


“All industrial sense has its roots in the work of industrious hands.

All the confusion in the views of scholars and politicians on the issue of machines, wages, prices of goods and the organization of work comes from the fact that these people before their conferences or before writing their articles never take up the work they are concerned about using their own hands and trying it on their own bodies. I assure you that this method would fill the world of economy with so many healthy views that we would reach an agreement in a matter of days.“

Tomas Bata


Our people have names; they are not just accounting journal entries. The men in the picture are Honza and Martin.

Our company can give people a future. They just need to become co-creators of our values.



“A successful person knows that the cause of success and failure in his/her work is he/she alone. If s/he experienced a failure or was defeated, it does not come into his/her mind to blame someone or something else as the cause of their defeat. S/he looks at her/himself and starts again. Such is the person who has the right attitude to life and work and is thus directly predestined to improve his/her position.

Everything in the world has its cause, including a success and a failure.“

Tomas Bata

Hidden somewhere up in the woods is the hardening plant. It is also home to the museum of Josef Pekař, our former technologist. You can visit and see the museum.

We are proud of our work. We are grateful to our customers for their support since 1999, the year when GALVAMET was established.


Please have trust in us. Teams are working to meet your requirements.

Are we not playing fair? Please let us know and we will improve.

There are possibilities to harmonize varying production systems. We offer you the service of our process engineer.


Take the advantage of their power and services for your work as well as your personal delight. Machines liberate your spirit to be able to think about how to improve your life. There is no goal that would be unattainable for a human being if s/he is able to multiply his/her strengths by the use of a machine. All the nations using machines extensively in their homes are powerful and famous.

The well-being of nations as well as individuals depends on how they understand, love and are able to utilize the power of machines.“

Tomas Bata

We realize that innovations serve our future. We wish to still be here in 70 years.

We believe that even a minor innovation will bring great potential. We do not kill the creativity of our people.


"Every blow we suffer knocks out a wedge from us that has been hindering us. But only as long as we are reasonable enough to learn from it."

Tomas Bata

The cogwheels in the photo belong to Mr. King. When we treat each other in a way that the King knows what Nobility means to him and vice versa, everything is fine. We like balanced relationships.

It’s like having a favourite restaurant, place or fashion. We wish to be your favourite hardening plant.

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